Dear Hugo


Dear Hugo,

You are 16 days old today.  I’m amazed we both survived the last two weeks—me, with adjusting to sleeping in short chunks and being a mother, and you, to adjusting to life outside the womb.  You are getting chubbier by the day and you love eating.  (You don’t love latching on without a nipple shield, but we’re getting there).  You are a champion sleeper and your dad and I feel lucky to set our phone alarms to wake you up for most feedings.  There are moments when I think you are looking me in the eye but I can’t be sure.  

You look like a little old man trapped inside of an infant body and your faces and gestures are hilarious.  (See below).


Ben and I gut-laugh when you poop, fart, and burp, because we are amazed that someone so tiny could produce the most disgusting sounds.  It’s pretty darn funny.

The day you entered this world, I didn’t feel that instant connection some women feel to their children.  It’s been a much less intense, more gradual process.  I love getting to know you and am loving you a little more each day.  I’m also falling more in love with your dad who is rocking the whole parenting thing.  

I’m excited for you to continue to reveal your personality to us, but right now I’m just trying to take in each moment with you and enjoy it.

Keep eating and pooping, 

Mom (Anna)


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